Built upon the motto of "Engineered for Top Performance", Fairtex has worked hard in recent years to solidify itself as one of the most established and prestigious brands in Muay Thai worldwide. Developing premium fight products since the early 90's, Fairtex is a brand you can rely on. With a drive to innovate and create the best products possible to assist with your training and combat goals, rest assured that all products with the Fairtex logo will get the job done. Look no further than our range of Fairtex Gloves as a good example - affordable performance products designed to stand the test of time to ensure you can perform at your best.

With a range of products across all aspects of combat sports, including Fairtex Hand Wraps, Fairtex Shin Guards and Kick Shields, Fairtex Body Pads, Fairtex Focus Mitts, and so much more, it's clear that a strong passion drives Fairtex to provide the best equipment possible in all areas of the fight game. We couldn't be more proud to carry the range here at FightHQ and look forward to expanding our range of Fairtex fight gear as we move into the future! Don't forget, spend over $49 on any Fairtex products and you'll score yourself free shipping on your order to absolutely anywhere in Australia.