Quandamooka Cup was birthed in October 2015 following the Suicide of North Stradbroke Island teen (aged 19) who will forever be loved & remembered in the fight community. The Quandamooka Cup was then formed as a Not for profit Indigenous organisation that has since helped many people around Australia who have struggled with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts to bereaved families have serviced.  In 2020 Quandamooka Cup founder Sandy Heilig built and now operates a fully equipped muay Thai gym, The Supajai Gym which trains all community members on North Stradbroke Island free of charge 6 days per week promoting not only physical health but mental well being also.  The Supajai Gym focuses heavily on youth suicide in our island Indigenous community.  

Quandamooka cup's main focus is to spread their message YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR with all people in not only our Indigenous but also non-indigenous communities around the fight industry worldwide.

Boon sport is one of the premier authentic combat sports brands for boxing and Maui Thai and they have combined with the Quandamooka cup to help raise awareness and money to support the organisation. Two amazing companies combining for a good cause. YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR