By Boxing People, For Boxing People. Rival Boxing Gear is a Canadian-owned Boxing brand that has taken the global boxing equipment scene by storm. We’re pumped to carry a huge range of Rival equipment here at FightHQ, none more so than our Rival Boxing Gloves! Self-described as boxing people trying to make their way in a business world, as opposed to businesspeople finding their way in the boxing world, this is a brand that lives and breathes the sport they’re apart of and their products are a direct reflection of that passion.

With Head Gear such a critical piece of equipment when it comes to sparring and training, it’s no surprise that our range of Rival Head Gear is a popular choice for our FightHQ customers. Supplemented by a host of additional boxing gear, including Body/Belly Pads and Focus Mitts, Rival ensures they’ve got all angles covered when it comes to their product lineup. These are high quality products from a real boxing brand, so you can approach your training with confidence knowing that your equipment won’t let you down.

Another popular option from our friends at Rival are the Rival Gym Bags. Getting your gear around between training and fighting is always a task in itself, so a quality gym bag capable of carrying your kit as always a good addition to your setup. High quality products for an affordable price make these one of our more popular ranges. Shop our full range of Rival fight gear at FightHQ today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $49.

Check in with Rival’s glove expert below as they discuss some interesting aspects around Boxing Gloves in today’s market.