Your one-stop name for all things combat, Venum is a global fight brand that brings all kinds of authority to the game. As one of our most popular brands here at FightHQ, Venum has come a long way from what began as a vision back in 2004. CEO & Founder Frank Dupuis wanted to revolutionise the world of combat sports equipment, and after fast-forwarding to present day, he’s done one hell of a job with Venum. Lead by their strong line-up of Venum Kick Shields, the full collection of Venum fight gear at FightHQ is well worth a look.

Their products well and truly live up to the vision that Dupuis sent out to create; revolutionary products that are representative of what combat sports mean and the mentality of the athletes who compete and participate in them. Our Venum Fight Shorts are a great example of exactly that, offering premium product designed to suit the demands of the best fighters in the sport. With names like Lomachenko and Linares on the Venum list of athletes, it’s no surprise these guys continue to raise the bar in the fighting equipment and apparel game.

As the world of combat sports continues to evolve at a rapid rate, it demands that the brands involved in the sport do just the same. Venum sits at the forefront of the continued evolution of fight gear as the demands of the athletes and fighters continue to grow. We couldn’t be prouder to carry the Venum range here at FightHQ and we know our customers will be beyond satisfied with the quality and durability of their incredible products. Check out the video below for an in-depth look at the evolution of their Venum Boxing Gloves to give you an idea of the design and development process of their product range.