All great brands start with a great story, and Virtuos Boxing is certainly no exception. The European athletic-wear brand was founded by Italian native and Miami Beach resident, Donato De Martiis, who has carried on the legacy of the skills passed down by his father, Alessandro.

Throughout his extensive career, Donato has learned the standards necessary for fighter’s equipment and in 2018, he set out to establish Virtuos Boxing as an authority and leader in the boxing apparel industry. With Donato’s commitment to excellence and his understanding that there is no substitute for superior quality, he created Virtuos as a brand of authentic and durable Italian-made footwear and apparel for both men and women. Virtuos now has several styles of high-top and low-top shoes that can be worn in the ring by pros and amateurs alike or found on the fashion-forward streets.

Today, Virtuos is fast emerging as one of the leading boxing shoes worn by professional fighters around the globe and we are excited to now be stocking the Virtuos range at FightHQ. Order online today and receive free shipping on your set of High or low-top virtuous boxing shoes