FightHQ is proud to carry the largest range of fight Gloves in Australia, with a huge lineup of premier brands, sizes, and disciplines available. As one of the most essential pieces of equipment when it comes to training across many types of combat sports, it's no surprise that our range of MMA Gloves is one of our most popular categories here at FightHQ. Headlined by our wide-ranging collection of Boxing Gloves, we made sure to cover all areas of the fight game when it comes to our glove range, so no matter what type of training or competing you are doing, there is something here for you.

If you spend a lot of time hitting the bag and using boxing to work on your fitness goals, we definitely recommend checking out our line of Bag Gloves. Designed specifically for use on a variety of punching bags, these Bag Gloves are built to last when it comes to putting in hours of training on the punching bag. As we all know, this is an incredible way to keep fit and fine-tune your technique, so making sure you have the right gear to get the most out of your training goals is always a great option. With products that are built to last, these gloves will not let you down.

Glove size and weight are both important factors when it comes to getting the right gloves for you, so we've made sure to carry a huge range of options in both size and glove weight. Our Kids Fighting Gloves offer a range of options for the young ones out there, meaning they can get started on their training journeys at a much earlier age. Not only that, but we also have Women's specific gloves too! So for MMA gloves for the whole family, FightHQ has everything you need. With reputable brands like Everlast, Adidas, No Boxing No Life, Salvador, Venum, Punch, and so many more, you really can't go wrong. Enjoy free shipping on our range of Gloves to anywhere in Australia, on all orders over $49!

Check out the video below as the team at Rival discuss some interesting aspects of Boxing Gloves in today’s market, and what to look out for when choosing what weight of glove is right for you.