Quick Wraps

Our range of Quick Wraps at FightHQ are a great option for anyone looking for easy-to-use protection when it comes to their hands. Quick Wraps are a popular choice for a lot of fighters and athletes out there, taking the hassle out of keeping your hands safe beneath your gloves, no matter what discipline of fighting or training you are doing. With a host of different brands available across a full size range, including Fortress Boxing, Morgan Sports, Everlast, 1-2-Wrap, Sting, Venum, and a whole lot more, if you're looking for premium hand protection with a simple to use product, you've come to the right place.

Unlike our range of hand wraps, our Quick Wraps come in a variety of different levels of protection. From our relatively simple and affordable One-Two Quick Wraps to the gel-injected Morgan Sports Hand Wraps, right up to our more expensive and premium Fortress Boxing Fastwraps, there are plenty of different options to suit your preferences and budget. Offering different levels of protection and comfort, a lot of people training in combat sports will have their own preferences when it comes to their hand protection, so it's worth trying a few varieties to see which style and design works best for you. Useful across Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and more, our Quick Wraps are a great option for anyone training or competing in the fight game. Check them out today and enjoy free shipping absolutely anywhere in Australia on orders over $49!

For a close-up look at the industry-leading Fortress Boxing Fastwraps, check out the video below.